Purity Testing for Gold

How to prove your gold is of value?

Sometimes having a clear hallmark to guide you is not enough, You may suspect that your hallmark is too new or has been tampered of falsified. There are a number of ways to determine if the purity hallmark is true of the gold itself.
There are many ways that gold brokers and jewellers would test gold using specialist lab equipment, however there are some rudimentary test that one can achieve at home using some cheap equipment that is easy to get hold of.

Testing Gold Purity

You don’t need a science lab to do this but please be aware that the results are not 100% accurate. The basic principle behind this is the measurement of the density.

This can be done by measuring the weight (mass) and volume of the gold item.
density = weight / volume

Obviously you will need some accurate way of measuring the fluctuation, and then you would need to compare this data against known charts of the specific carat of gold.
You can use science kit test tube with millilitres, easy to find on the internet, Add a set amount of water, Then drop the jewellery into the test tube, By measuring the change of volume in the test tube you can compare that to a gold karat density chart.

Professional Testing of Gold Purity

If you have a high value item and are worried about the purity then you could always get a more reliable verdict by going to a gold broker or jeweller. These test would be done using lab equipment and be highly calibrated and accurate.