Early Gold & Hallmarks

Gold is the precious metal that has always held value and mystic since ancient times. Gold has been mined for the earliest coins, jewelry,spiritual ornaments, and since then many industrial purposes(gold is a good conductor). Gold has always held its value through unsteady times and investors continue to turn to gold when times are hard.

Until not so long ago, gold reserves and stocks formed the origins of world economy systems and value marks.

Gold is a very soft metal when it is at its purest, 24ct. This enabled early South American crafts people and jewellery makers to create stunning intricate pieces. Many pieces have found there way into European Museums through various early crusades and attacks by the Spanish, French and English.

Gold is very malleable (meaning bendy & hammer-able) and has ductile strength (can be stretched ) . To further enhance the use of gold in jewellery it is usually mixed with other metals (known as alloyed), This is done to A; reduce the value ad cost down & B; to strengthen the metal for intricate jewellery making. The scientific abbreviation of gold is Au.

The purity of gold jewellry & scrap gold is measured in carats or karats. many gold producing nations hallmark gold with a 3 digit number that shows the parts per thousand of gold.

In this system, “750” means 750/1000 gold (equal to 18K); “500” means 500/1000 gold (equal to 12K).