18ct Gold Hallmarks

The Hallmark for 18 carat gold is 750 often displayed in a rectangle with squared off corners, and sometimes with the symbol of weighing scales.

The hallmark on 18 carat gold should be to signify the merchandise or jewellery features a minimal 75% Fine gold.

The stamp of authority comes from the assay office of the UK, they gennerally stamp the 750 hallmark on gold that has been verified to have at least 75% gold, in other countries it is quite normal to put “18k” or “18ct” for carat or karat depending on the country.

Be aware of many fake products available with a sole “18k” or “18ct” stamp which

are not gold. These jewellery pieces are frequently produced from brass alloys and other alloy mixtures.

Another way to verify the gold is to look out for the city mark plus a makers mark placed or struck across the gold jewellery.

Gold can be many colours depending on the silver and gold based in the alloy. The carat doesn’t change due to the colour. The quantity of gold is constant, it is just the alloys mixed in to add the colouring. Whitened-colored, Rose along with other are basically versions in colour, and should retain the 750 hallmark

ALL gold is marked or hallmarked detailing its quality when it’s made in accordance with the particular nationality or government, nonetheless it’s not unusual to uncover marks that may be lost through wear and tear or repair. If you’re purchasing an unmarked bit of gold ensure that you have an unconditional money-back guarantee from the seller regarding gold carat or possibly the piece. Then get it checked, Remember if gold has no hallmarks there are a number of other tests that can be conducted.

Other marks that may be significant are the manufacturing process. Such things as Air, GP, HGP, these stand for the process of electroplating, or hard plating and rolling. Because as the names might suggest, these pieces aren’t solid gold, simply gold plated

A couple of other hallmark numbers to avoid on gold only, unless of course you collect silver, are 800, 925, 950 since they are all silver hallmarks.