How to identify Gold Hallmarks & Gold Jewellery

Hallmarks on Gold Jewellery
Gold Hallmarks are small markings placed by jewellers or crafts people to help identify and verify a piece of gold jewellery. Usually to indicate the quality and purity of the gold, the date the piece was created and sometimes the locality of the craftsmanship. For information about the dates and the fonts used to denominate these dates please visit
Dating Gold Hallmarks
Identifying gold hallmarks can be intricate yet very rewarding if you happen to discover some history on a family piece of jewellery. We have made available some small helper guides in order for you to become adept at finding at the very least some basic knowledge about you collection of gold and the hallmarks stamped on it.
Early Gold Hallmarks Since when did we stamp our gold and why is it so important? Gold hallmarks have existed in one form or another since the earliest days of alchemy in order to grade for purity, However unbeknown to the scholars and masters of Europe gold was being marked by craftsmen in Asia and Central and South america. More info here
Early Gold Hallmarks

Modern Gold Hallmarks

Today hallmarks are slightly different, this is to help standardize the legislation on the inspection and grade of purity on precious metals. It also helps verify value and is seen as a stamp of trust to help gold buyers and sellers. The modern hallmark was born in 1973 after the European nations signed the Vienna Convention on the control of the purity and the hallmarking of gold, silver, platinum and various other precious metals. These are then confirmed by a guild or “assay office” which are then tested and verified to be in conformity by the qualifying office of a signatory country. This can often be referred to as the Common Control Mark (CCM).

This mark is recognized in all the other contracting countries. see our guides on Austria Hallmarks, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine. Other country have also gained there own common control mark in recent times including India.

Dating Gold Hallmarks

How to check the date of manufacture? Most gold hallmarks use the same date identification as silver hallmarks, there may be some variations depending on the assay office. 1773 to 1797 Hallmarks dated from 1773 to 1779 will be an alphabetical value within a shield shape. The shield will be almost square in shape with … Continue reading

How to identify a gold hallmark

When planning to buy gold jewellery as gift for our loved ones, one of our best tool to evaluate the quality, purity, age and the true value of an article on hand, is always our own clear comprehension of gold hallmarks. So to become a wiser buyer, learn the basic information on gold hallmarks and … Continue reading

18ct Gold Hallmarks

The Hallmark for 18 carat gold is 750 often displayed in a rectangle with squared off corners, and sometimes with the symbol of weighing scales. The hallmark on 18 carat gold should be to signify the merchandise or jewellery features a minimal 75% Fine gold. The stamp of authority comes from the assay office of … Continue reading

About Gold Hallmarks

Gold Hallmarks Individuals whom love precious metals and gold are familiar with hallmarking. Standard markings can help you determine the purity of precious metals, including gold. This is when gold hallmarks may be useful. Gold calculators are broadly accessible on-line, and to be able to use such tools, you should understand the gold kind and … Continue reading

Identifying Gold Hallmarks

People who love precious metals and gold are familiar with hallmarking. Standard markings will help you determine the purity of precious metals, including gold. This is where gold hallmarks can be handy. Gold calculators are widely available online, and in order to use such tools, you should know the gold type and its weight. Getting … Continue reading

Gold Hallmarks & Purity Testing

How to prove your gold is of value? Sometimes having a clear hallmark to guide you is not enough, You may suspect that your hallmark is too new or has been tampered of falsified. There are a number of ways to determine if the purity hallmark is true of the gold itself. There are many … Continue reading